As an ADHD Coach, I Coach Adults, Teens, Parents and their ADHD children to better understand each-other and themselves and through ADHD Coaching we find effective ways to carve away the roughness that covers and obscures the beautiful diamond that lays within each ADHD'er

Abraham Breuer ADHD Coach

I am a Life Coach with special training, knowledge and personal experience of ADHD.

I was born and raised in New York, After graduating, I trained as a real estate professional and I successfully continue manage a rental real estate portfolio.

While I do make a living from real estate, I chose to use my time volunteering as a big brother and mentor to coach and help teen age kids who would benefits from a supporting hand. I work with them, make them feel understood, despite their various challenges, THIS is what I really enjoy doing.

With the intention to make the most possible impact on the lives of teens and their families, professionally and on a deeper level. I received comprehensive Coach Training at the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)* with a specialty in ADHD Coaching, Parent and Family Coaching. This gives me the professional edge and the multiple tools I employ today as an ADHD Coach, Family Coach and Parent Coach & Consultant.

I combine my 20+ years of experience with teenagers with my coach training, to apply it to my greatest passion to help people develop to their greatest potential.

*ADDCA is an ICF accredited Coach training school and is known as the gold standard in training and certified ADHD coaches.

What is ADHD Coaching?
ADHD Coaching is a process in which you partner with the coach to explore and identify:

★ How your ADHD is affecting your performance and the areas where you feel stuck

★ Your unique brain wiring, combining the coaches’ knowledge of ADHD …

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ADHD Coaching

My view and perception of ADHD
★ To me, the term ADD / ADHD defines a different wiring pattern of the brain

★ The “D” in ADHD acronym stands not for “Disorder” or “Disability” but for “Difference”

★ I view ADHD as an enormous opportunity for greatness if properly understood and appreciated  …

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Benefits of working with an ADHD coach

familyAs a parent of an ADHD child, you will benefit from coaching by;

★ Better understanding your Child and no longer get frustrated with him!

★ Learning the tools to help your child to overcome daily challenges!

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familyFor the Child, Teen or Adult with ADD, coaching will help to;

★ Better understand his unique brain wiring and learn to appreciate its many gifts!

★ Focus on what’s working well and why, to then use that experience and knowledge in areas ……

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As a public service, I am available between the hours of 5PM and 6PM EST on weekdays to answer any ADHD related questions from the general public.
You do not need to be my client to utilize this service.I do try to keep the calls to 5-10 minutes so that more people can benefit.
Feel free to email me with any ADHD related question you may have, I would be glad to answer. You may use the CONTACT FORM for all your queries.
Abraham Breuer, ACC
ADHD Family Coach
48 Reagan Rd
Spring Valley NY 10977