Benefits of working with an ADHD coach

As a parent of an ADHD child, benefit from coaching by

  • Better understanding your Child and no longer get frustrated with him!
  • Learning the tools to help your child to overcome daily challenges!
  • Gaining an appreciation of your child’s many strengths and thereby boost his self confidence!
  • Improving the relationship between ADD and Non-ADD family members!
  • Being Confident that actions you take and methods you employ are benefiting your child (no more guilt feelings)!
  • Replacing Stress & Anxiety with a feeling of Calm and In-Control!
  • Communicate effectively to create deeper Relationships!

For the child or young adult with ADD, coaching will help to

  • Better understand his unique brain wiring and learn to appreciate its many gifts!
  • Focus on what’s working well and why, to then use that experience and knowledge in areas where it didn’t!
  • Have a safe environment and a nurturing connection where he feels understood!
  • Improve his Executive Functioning such as time management, planning & prioritizing!    
  • Receive consistent forward moving encouragement and accountability!
  • Eliminate Procrastination, Overcome Overwhelm and Get Unstuck!
  • Get Organized and Stay Organized!
  • Improve his relationship with parents and siblings!
  • Shine the spotlight on his strengths and make good use of his innate energy!
  • Acquire a healthy self esteem!
  • Get into the drivers seat of his life- and Stay there!
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