What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD Coaching is a process in which you partner with the coach to;

  •     Explore and identify how your ADHD is affecting your performance and the areas where you feel stuck
  •     Explore and identify your unique brain wiring, combining the coaches’ knowledge of ADHD and your knowledge of yourself
  •     Apply this information to design goals and actions using your unique resources and energy in a way that works for “you”
  •     Identify your life purpose and Long Term Goals and and how they interconnect with your current short term goals and actions,
  •     Work towards these goals with the systems that you have identified to work best for “you”

In addition to coaching, an ADHD coach offers education, so that the Client and his family have a better understanding of ADHD, and thereby are able to find the proper workaround to break through its barriers.

When ADHD coaching involves a child or a young adult, the Parent and the Child will benefit from coaching.

ADHD coaching is unique compared to other life coaching. ADHD is a complex phenomenon and presents itself differently in every person. Unless a coach is specifically trained in ADHD and without a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics and the many ways it can impact a family affected by ADHD, he is unable to help identify the underlying cause of the issues hampering the Client .

Coaching is a style of conversation that is designed to invoke the clients thought processes and to promote inner searching and exploration of thoughts, processes and emotions within the domain of the discussion on a deep level, a level that is usually not accessible to your thought processes if not presented with skillfully worded questions by a trained coach.

Coaching is a practical and structured process that touches most life areas, including physical improvement, emotional/intellectual growth, community/social skills, education, career/business, finances, environment, values/mission and spirituality.

Coaching is more than just a quick fix, growth through exploration involve trial and error, your Coach will offer tools and encouragement and will assist you with structured and realistic goal setting.

Other areas that could benefit from the help of a professionally trained coach, include…

  •     Strategic planning & perspective
  •     Making conscious & wise choices
  •     Time, task & space management
  •     Motivation & follow-through
  •     Developing systems for success
  •     Healthy communications & relationships
  •     A deeper understanding and love of self
  •     Steps toward a simplified and more orderly life
  •     Achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle