My view and perception of ADHD

  •  I view ADD / ADHD as a name for a different wiring pattern of the brain
  •  I translate the “D” in ADHD not as “Disorder” or “Disability” but as “Difference”
  •  I view ADHD as an enormous opportunity for greatness if properly understood and appreciated
  •  I view ADHD as a predisposition for trouble if misunderstood and suppressed
  •  I believe that many challenges of ADD kids, can better be solved by adjusting their surrounding environment rather than by trying to change them
  •  I believe that most of the creativity, energy and brilliance in the world is attributable to ADHD and ADDers [but as ADDers we should better keep our secrets to ourselves]
  •  I know that 90% of those with ADHD who end up in trouble were mishandled and misunderstood earlier in their life
  •  I know that kids with ADHD have a lot of energy that when pointed in the right direction gives them an enormous advantage over the average [neuro-typical] child
  •  I know that kids with ADHD have open hearts, are forgiving, are willing to learn new ways to do thing and are thriving to please their parent and teachers despite it not being obvious [or you may think the opposite is obvious] if they just knew how